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Quhilk ansuer being returnit to the said george, he was so incensit and commovit thairwith that, vpoun the morne thairefter, being the fourtene day of Maij, Fo I. 5 he, accumpaneid with george gordoun, his eldest sone, James baird in the maynis of geicht, william prat in munskishill, william Stewart in m'^tarie, george gordoun in lethintie, waltir ogilvy in dudweik, patrik Sinclair of achannachie, johnne 10 abirnethie, johnne alexander, and z Xexander broun, servitowrw to the said laird of geycht, and with con- vocatioun of his maiesteis leigeis to the nowmer of ten personis, all bodin in feir of weir with jackis, sec- ritis, steilbonnetis, tua handit swerdis, and vtheris 15 wapponis invasiue, and with pistolletis prohibite to be worne as said is, come to the place of cornecarne, quhair he thocht to haue surprysit the saidis patrik and mr williame at denner tyme or euir thay had bene war of him.

And, quhen he come to the place, 20 finding the 3ettis oppin, he appointit tua of his ser- vandis to guard the get, and he send ane vther up to the hall to try and persave quhair thay wer sitting, resolueing, gif thay had bene togidder, to have slane thame at that same instant.

all his miscontentment wes aganis his said bruther.

And, quhen the said mr williame come vnto him, his servandis past betuix the said mr williame and the 5et, and thairby cutt him schorte of all meanis of retreate to the house.

And, at the said mr wil- liames first meeting with him, he persaueing the said patrik walking some space asyde with the minis- ter of rothemay, he brak at him in a grite raige lo and furie, and with verie grite difficultie wes he stayed be some personis present for the tyme.

And the said mr williame being informed that ^chir James skene of curriehill, ane of the nomber of the lordis of prevey counsaill, wes than newlie lichtit at the 15 kirk of rothemay, he past vnto him, acquentit the said Schir James with the lawles and insolent cariage of the said laird of geicht, and humelie desyrit him, as ane of his maiesteis preuey counsaill, to bind the said laird to the peace. And, efter the said Scfe V James his returning frome the north, the said laird of geicht being for^etfull of the promeis maid for keiping of the peace, he vpoun the threttene day of Maij last directit and send his awne wyff, his eldest sone, 25 Johnne Abirnethie, and Andro wood to the place of corncarne in commissioun to the saidis patrik and mr williame, that thay sould cans the said testament be reformed to his contentment, or ellis it sould be the darrest testament that euir wes maid 30 in the north.

erl of Mu[rray], thinking him to be ane greit brydill to refrane hir appetitis, and [im- $ pediment] to leif at Hbertie of hir plessure; not J^at euir he usit ony violence anentis hir, bot J^at his honestie wes sa greit that scho wes esch[amit] to attempt ony thing indecent in his presence. er habitatioun 15 and his deid be diuerft wayis socht, this chamaeleon, quhether of sempilnes or for layk of foirsicht or for bauldnes of courage I refer to euery manis conscience [}jat] doith knaw him, he alone could se no tressoun, could feare no d[angear], and wald neuir beleif J^at 20 ]? [Pitscottie's Historic and Cronicks of Scotland \% extant in many MSS., of which the Laing MS. He schemit ane s man of lij ^eiris, wi- instance of Sc A»r Williame Oliphant of New- toun, knycht, his maiesteis aduocat, for his heynes interesse, and Patrik Levingstoun of Inchcorsie and 5 nar wil Hame Levingstoun, his bruther, Makand men- foi. tioun That quhair, albeit the beiring and weiring of hagbutis and pisto Uetis hes bene oftymes prohibite and dischairget be the lawis of this kingdome, not- withstanding it is of treuth that George gordoun of 10 geycht, haueing consauit ane haitrent and malice aganis the saidis patrik and mr william leving- stonis, without ony iust caus of offence or iniurie done be thame to him, he, accumpaneid with george gordoun, his eldest sone, james baird and johnne 15 alschinner, his servandis, with vtheris his compliceis, bodin in feir of weir, with swordis, secritis, plaitslevis, and vther wapponis invasiue, and uith pistolletis pro- hibite to be worne as said is, come vpoun the twenty day of Aprile last to the place of coirnecairne, quhair 20 umqw Aill dame Margaret Stewart, lady saltoun, lay seik for the tyme, and quhair he looked to haue found the said Patrick. Quhairof notice being gevin to the said patrik, he and all these that wer with him come furth and mett s the said george, ressaued him with all schawls of hairtie love and kyndnes ; and he acquate thame with suche outward formes of goodwill and hairtynes as thay could haif wished, and past with thame to denner, intertenying pleasant and familiair discour- 10 seis at the denner, with mony promisft and attesta- tionis of his best affectionis to the said patrik and his wyff.

Lyke as, he being walking in quiet maner afore the get, he wes almoist 30 surprysit of him, and with grite difficultie relevit him self within the house. For thy, hald jow fra the Court, for ocht that may be : 5one man that thow outrayd 10 Is not sa simpill as he said ; Thairon my lyfe dar I layd. This too is doubtful, though the Cock's complaint is that his find does not satisfy his hunger.

All student borrow- ers are limited to two weeks, with renewal privileges, when the book is not needed by- others. The former has been taken as the basis of the Scottish Text Society's edition (1899). The King heirand of his inprosperus journay, seand that france wald get no support of him for the tyme.

Books not needed during recess periods should be returned to *he library, or arrange- ments made for their return during borrow- er's absence, if wanted. The Halkshill MS., from which the following passages are printed, is more complete, and is certainly not much, if at all, later than the Laing MS. Maid ane proclamatioun hestelie thruche all Jie 15 Realme of Scotland, bayi At east, west, south, and north, als weill in the out yles as in the iirm land, That all maner of man betwix saxtie and sexteine suld be reddie within twentie dayis to pas wii At him quhair he pleisit [wi^/jt] xl dayes wictuall, and so to 20 meit at the borrow muire of Edinbur^At, and thair to pas fordward wiif/it the King.

And the said George, his sone, presentit ane bend Foi. pistollet to the said patrik, of purpois and inten- 10 tioun to have schote and slane him thairwith.

And he and his said sone, and thair complices, had not faillit at that tyme to have tane some vnhonnest advantage of him, ' wer not thay wer stayit be the gentilmen present and in company with the said 15 patrik for the tyme.

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